Housing Planning Analyst

Full time
Locationlacounty Calendar02/01/2018   Full time

The Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department is seeking candidates for one
(1) Housing Planning Economic Analyst position, Class Code 8504, to be filled on an
emergency appointment basis. This position is located in the Executive Management Division's
Public Policy & Research Unit. The salary range for this position is $71,367.84 to $104,337.36

A Housing Planning and Economic Analyst performs responsible policy, legislative, regulatory
administrative and technical work in the preparation of housing related research, reports and
feasibility studies related to policy analysis, housing policy, land use, transportation, climate
change, program development, legislation and affordable housing preservation, development
and financing.


The responsibilities for this Housing Planning and Economic Analyst position is as

• Conduct extensive research and analysis on critical housing-related, neighborhood
and economic development issues, including but not limited to, inclusionary zoning,
linkage fees, anti-displacement, land use policy, transit-oriented development,
climate change, community-based planning, federal and state housing legislation,
funding programs, regulatory changes, and citywide housing and community
investment strategies.
• Conduct extensive spatial analysis using the latest GIS software for purposes of
analysis for program and policy development and conducts presentations.
• Track housing, poverty, economic, and other relevant demographic statistics to
identify target populations and measure outcomes on various HCIDLA programs.
• Work with HCIDLA executive staff, elected officials, community based organizations,
City Departments, and Agencies to develop policies, programs, and strategies to
address the City's affordable housing crisis.
• Analyze proposed state and federal legislation, prepare analytical reports, and
evaluate the impact of proposed legislative and/or regulatory changes on HCIDLA
programs and policies.
Attend and/or conduct presentations related to HCIDLA's m1ss1on and policy
priorities and represent the Department on issues including: land use planning,
legislation, regulations, transportation, economic development. Coordinate with other
Departments, Mayor and Council offices.
• Write informative and clear memos, studies summaries, staff reports, and
department transmittals.
• Perform lead role on assigned policy priorities projects including: the coordination of
tasks with HCIDLA staff members, overall project management, and other duties as
needed to effectively complete assigned tasks.
• Serve as coordinator or an assistant for special projects, presentations and
publications, and work directly with Unit's Director, General Manager, Executive
Officer, and the leadership team as needed.


Interested applicants must submit a completed City of Los Angeles Application form and a
resume (ATTN: Housing Planning and Economic Analyst) to the following email address:
HCIDLA.PersRecUnit@lacity .org or to HCIDLA's Personnel Unit located at 1200 W. ?t~ St., 9th
Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017 no later than 12:00 p.m. on Friday, February 9, 2018.
NOTE: The City of Los Angeles Application form can be downloaded from the Personnel
Department's website: http://per.lacitv.org/appform.htm