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THE ORGANIZATION: CCRC is California’s premier multifamily affordable housing lender, and responding to California’s ongoing affordable housing challenges has been its business for 32 years. CCRC specializes in programs for families and seniors, citizens with special needs, veterans and housing for formerly homeless residents. Backed by major retail banks, insurance companies and pension plans, CCRC serves the entire state of California and has delivered in excess of $2 billion in financing, services and technical assistance that have made it the lender-of-choice of California’s affordable housing development community. SUMMARY: The overall responsibilities are to provide leadership in the management of critical data and to ensure the timely distribution of and accurate accounting for payments received in the course of doing business. REQUIREMENTS: Experience using FICS loan servicing system and Crystal Reports. Excellent analytical, organizational, and problem-solving skills with the ability to multitask and work well under pressure. Should be a self-starter who works with little or no supervision and needs to be detail-oriented and able to provide a high level of accuracy in data entry and reporting. Should also have good verbal and written skills. Must have an understanding of database systems, including FICS and Crystal Reports, and report writing and be proficient in the use of Microsoft Excel and Word. Experience in accounting and/or mortgage loan servicing a plus. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES – DATABASE COORDINATOR: 1. Ensure optimal use of database functionality. Analyze information needs of CCRC employees, department heads, and investors. 2. Establish security procedures for users, set system parameters, and develop/maintain user-defined codes and fields. 3. Provide database quality control; develop and implement work flow, data entry, and collection and reporting procedures. 4. Design and develop customized forms, queries and reports from database for specified needs. 5. Monitor system releases and coordinate with company tech to ensure timely installation of upgrades. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES – INVESTOR ACCOUNTANT: 1. Prepare month end reports to forecast the receipt and distribution of borrower payments. Distribution detail includes principal/net interest amounts due each investor and fees due CCRC for each loan. 2. Post receipts and monitor the collection of forecasted payments. This includes emailing reminder notices; implementing other follow-up procedures until “all” payments are accounted for; and assessing late fees, if required. This also includes balancing receipts to forecasts “before” distribution reports are prepared. 3. Prepare investor remittance reports and wire/ACH reports. This includes balancing remittance reports to forecasted distribution detail before reports and funds are released. 4. Distribute fees due CCRC and transfer impounds received to the custodial Impound Account. 5. Download monthly custodial bank statements; prepare cashbook balance reports; and reconcile statement balances to cashbook balances. Resolve any differences. 6. Perform other scheduled tasks (e.g. post interest on escrow, amortize loan fees, pay bond issuer fees) 7. Perform other tasks as needed (e.g. provide portfolio information to investors and/or assist with investor audit questions) 8. Prepare month-end reports to document the status of various company activities. 9. Prepare fiscal year-end reports (audit schedules) to document loan/investor activity for the year and current loan/investor balances. 10. Prepare calendar year-end tax statements for borrowers (IRS Forms 1098). OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Prepare loan set-up information sheets and board new commitments and loans. 2. Update loan records as needed (e.g. mailing addresses, contact information, property management changes, borrower interest rate/payment adjustments, annual service fee adjustments for pool loans) 3. Collect, disburse and analyze impounds for payment of property taxes and/or insurance for selected borrowers as needed. Collect and disburse impounds for payment of bond issuer fees for bond loans. 4. Mail insurance notices and prepare tracking reports. 5. Print and mail annual payment coupons. 6. Prepare demand statements for individual payoffs. 7. Provide data for prospective loan sales. 8. Calculate wire amounts for loan sales. 9. Post and distribute loan sale proceeds. 10. Prepare loan sale notices. Note: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties considered necessary to meet the ongoing needs of the company. Please respond and send all Resumes to:
Please respond and send all Resumes to: