AVP & Program Director

Full time
Locationlacounty Calendar04/03/2019   Full time $90,000/year

The NHS Center for Sustainable Communities in Compton, CA is an adaptive reuse project of a formerly blighted and abandoned grocery store that has been open since May 2017. The Center is the first of its kind nationwide to serve as a ‘hub’ for community development resources including: Financial Empowerment Center, fitness workshops, federally qualified health clinic, health related programs, Healthy Living Café, organic garden, Small Business Development Center, youth, senior and afterschool programs, along with job training for youth and adults. NHS is seeking to hire an Assistant Vice President & Program Director who will manage day to day responsibility of overseeing the NHS Financial Empowerment Center on site, along with managing the services, programs, service providers and retail tenants who will be housed at the facility. The Assistant Vice President & Program Director will work closely with City and County organizations, community stakeholders, philanthropic organizations and other partners to ensure progress and implementation of the programs at the Center.  Will manage the municipal, funder and business community relationships that are necessary to help drive the expansion and program management of the facility, while helping it to serve as a ‘community hub’ for NHS’ efforts in building a more sustainable environment.


The ideal candidate possesses a passion for making meaningful, sustainable change in Compton and is ready to work in a high-energy, openly collaborative work environment. Ability to create comprehensive plans that identify all tasks, resources and deliverables required to achieve the desired results and the ability to drive the work to deliver those plans. Ability to address all ends of the project spectrum from research to creation and planning for a project to project delivery to target and metric measurement. Able to bring together public, private, and nonprofit organizations. Experienced in dealing with senior government officials and business people, and able to bring together public, private, and nonprofit organizations. Candidate should be collaborative and team focused, able to develop and manage detailed work plan, oversee Center staff, and lead structured meetings to identify and resolve issues on a regular basis.


Candidate should have a minimum of seven years of experience in managing facilities, staff and production schedules, tenant leasing, nonprofit program and financial management. Candidate must be able to work with minimal supervision, be adaptive, purposeful and vision driven. Email resume with cover letter to Human Resources at humanresources@nhslacounty.org or fax to 213-406-6079.


Salary: $90,000 + Benefits