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Program Manager, Mayor Garcetti’s Accessory Dwelling Unit - Backyard Home Project


In 2018, the City of Los Angeles was selected as one of nine cities to participate in Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge program resulting in a $1M award to the City to pilot the Backyard Homes Project. Lead by the Mayor’s Innovation Team, the City was selected based on its idea to incentivize homeowners to build second units on their property and rent them to Angelenos who are low income or who are or have recently been homeless. The City and its Innovation Team have been working on this concept for nearly three years and have made significant progress in the area of advocacy, policy, data collection and project delivery. The Innovation Team also delivered a major project to demonstrate the power and possibility of second units.
Now, the City has the opportunity to launch a pilot program and is recruiting an experienced Program Manager who will be an integral and senior member of the Innovation Team with high-level exposure to City leadership, departments, and stakeholders. The Program Manager will leverage data-driven research and work closely with internal and external City and community partners to finalize the program model and successfully launch the program. The Program Manager will also serve as a key point of contact for Bloomberg Philanthropies and other key philanthropic and community partners. The Program Manager will be situated in the Mayor’s Office on the Innovation Team and will work closely with key units in the Mayor’s Office as well as key Departments.


The Mayors Challenge is organized by Bloomberg Philanthropies. The most recent competition began in 2017 and was a year-long, competitive grant application process that challenged Mayors and city leaders in cities of 30,000+ residents to identify bold solutions to address the toughest problems facing cities today -- issues like homelessness, climate change, housing shortages and cost of living and public transportation.
More than 300 cities applied through the initial application submitting their best and most innovative idea to help solve their biggest local issue. Of these more than 300 cities, 35 cities were selected to serve as Champion Cities. Champion Cities received $100,000 to test and advance their idea in their communities, engage with residents and build prototypes of their solutions. Champion Cities also received support via accelerator workshops, coaching, and design support. Champion Cities competed in a final application process.
In the fall of 2018, the Mayors Challenge Selection Committee identified nine winners for the Bloomberg Philanthropies U.S. Mayors Challenge. The winners were announced in October 2018 and included Los Angeles, CA, Denver, CO, Fort Collins, CO, Durham, NC, Georgetown, TX, New Rochelle, NY, South Bend, IN, Philadelphia, PA. These cities will participate in a three-year program with Bloomberg to advance their idea and launch programs locally. Los Angeles is the largest City to have been selected. It is suggested that interested candidates review the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge website as well as key articles about the Los Angeles winning idea.


Innovation Teams leverage data-driven research and work closely with internal and external City partners to tackle cities’ biggest, most pressing challenges. For example, worldwide, i-teams have worked on initiatives like improving access to affordable housing to reduce homelessness, reducing barriers to recruiting and hiring diverse police forces, creating inclusive neighborhood revitalization to address the negative impacts of gentrification, and reducing the number of illegal guns to improve public safety. For its first set of initiatives, the Los Angeles i-team conducted rigorous research and idea-generation beginning in June of 2015 to define a set of projects that were delivered with Departmental partners from February through the fall of 2016. The team was then re-tasked to a different subject area in the winter of 2016 at the discretion of the Mayor and has been working to improve LAPD’s recruiting and hiring in order to build a police force of the future, with several projects being delivered from November 2017 through summer 2018. Now, the Los Angeles Innovation Team is working on a new topic -- the Future of Work with projects anticipated to begin rolling out in the spring of 2019.


Reporting to the Innovation Team Director within the Mayor’s Office of Budget & Innovation, and alongside several key units and Departments across the City, the Program Manager will work in partnership with existing City staff to further develop and launch the Backyard Home Program and manage the project for results within an accelerated time frame – effectively engaging all necessary stakeholders to support success throughout the process. Responsibilities for the position include, but are not limited to:
- Working closely with members of the Mayor’s Office and Department leadership to determine optimal program model and effectively launch the program timely.
- Develop and manage detailed work plan and execute against activities.
- Oversee supporting department staff and fellows who will help to execute the project across the City and City Departments.
- Working closely with City Departments, County organizations, community stakeholders, philanthropic organizations and other partners to ensure progress and implementation of the program, including leading structured meetings and identifying/resolving issues on a regular basis.
- Managing and maintaining strong relationships and communicating progress with a broad set of stakeholders, including the Mayor and other senior government officials and private and nonprofit sector leaders.
- Working with and managing contractors as needed to support project delivery.
- Setting and achieving project-based targets by regularly monitoring performance and resolving issues when needed.
- Identifying new projects for delivery: consulting with internal and external experts and conducting a broad range of desk and field research to generate innovative solutions and assess their feasibility. This phase will require the ability to navigate ambiguity, quickly learn new subject matter, manage relationships and interact with a broad set of expert, public and community stakeholders.
- Sharing the team’s strategic framework and best practices for innovation throughout City government.


The ideal candidate possesses a passion for making meaningful, sustainable change in Los Angeles and is ready to work in a high-energy, openly collaborative work environment to solve one of Los Angeles’ most important challenges - homelessness and housing shortage. The ideal candidate is a problem solver who is focused on shaping and delivering the Backyard Home Project for results and is comfortable with working to create the best, most innovative and cost-effective program and equally comfortable with being in the trenches to lead project execution. The ideal candidate has a background in creating thoughtful solutions and has a proven track record of creating innovative solutions for complex social problems that have demonstrated and lasting impact on the people and problems they aim to address.
As a senior member of the Mayor’s Office, the Program Manager will be responsible for defining and delivering the program. The Program Manager will evaluate data and define the final program design, generate ideas, develop detailed implementation plans, and deliver the program to meet specific targets, while setting an environment for change and collaboration. The Program Manager will manage a multi-million dollar budget and report to both philanthropic organizations and City funding departments. The Program Manager will need to simultaneously balance adherence to an innovation process and protocol and think creatively and asymmetrically and bring abstract concepts to practical implementation in a time constrained environment.
Profiles for a successful candidate for Program Manager would likely have a background as 1) a manager in the consulting field with experience defining and managing projects and diverse stakeholders who are instrumental to successful delivery or 2) extensive work in business, non-profit, IT, or legal field(s) with a role as a Program Manager focused on delivery and execution but with an ability to evaluate complex data and envision projects, or 3) significant experience as a policy analyst with a focus in housing, homelessness, planning. The candidate must also demonstrate:


• Passion for public service and making a difference in the lives of city residents.
• Expertise with housing, homelessness and related matters in a City, State of Federal government body are not required but would be ideal. Experience with the same matters in private sector organizations is also ideal. While not critical, this is preferred.
• A passion for ending homelessness and increasing the housing supply in the City of Los Angeles.
• Track record of delivering results in a high-pressure environment with multiple workstreams.
• Ability and experience managing multi-million dollar budget and reporting to multiple stakeholders on expenditures and cost efficiencies.
• Ability to create comprehensive plans that identify all tasks, resources and deliverables required to achieve the desired results and the ability to drive the work to deliver those plans.
• Experience in data analysis including both detailed data manipulation and interpretation of broader implications. Experience with data visualization is also desired.
• Problem solving skills with an ability to anticipate problems and develop solutions on deadline.
• Understanding of the mechanics of city government and familiarity and knowledge of public sector innovation. Experience with open innovation and prototyping techniques is a plus.
• Ability to thoughtfully communicate with and respectfully engage diverse stakeholders and the public around a shared vision for achieving results.
• Ability to address all ends of the project spectrum from research to creation and planning for a project to project delivery to target and metric measurement.
• Expertise with tools like Excel, Power Point, MS Project are required.
• Expert public speaking and meeting facilitation skills are required.
• Expertise with visualization tools like Tableau are preferred.
• Technical experience in terms of building prototype applications is preferred.


Personal Skills/Attributes:
• Energetic self-starter who inspires others to do their best work
• Understanding of the civic innovation space
• Understanding of housing innovation space
• Problem-solver and change agent
• Highly ethical, likable and trustworthy
• Articulate and an excellent, proactive communicator
• Innovative and flexible
• Attention to detail and excellence
• Experienced in dealing with senior government officials and business people
• Able to bring together public, private, and nonprofit organizations
• Collaborative and team focused
• Appropriately patient and impatient
• Ability to deliver programs and projects and negotiate past roadblocks
• Ability to tell stories through writing and oral communication
• Ability to navigate an ambiguous environment with excitement and enthusiasm
• Excitement for solving problems as they are assigned to the team, as opposed to a desire to focus on one problem over long lengths of time

­ Undergraduate degree required
­ Advanced degree preferred, ideally in business or public administration, economics, or law


3 writing samples will be requested for finalists
1 case study will be requested for finalists
Project portfolio will be required
References will be required


Salary will be commensurate with experience, along with additional benefits.
February 2019
Qualified candidates should email a cover letter and resume by or before February 1, 2019 to:
Director, Innovation Team
Office of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti


This is an exempt, at-will position. The individual appointed to this position will not accrue any civil service tenure, contractual employment rights, or due process rights. The incumbent may be removed, without any finding of cause, by the hiring authority. Learn more about Mayor Eric Garcetti at Twitter: @MayorofLA. Learn more about the LA Innovation Team: Twitter: @LAInnovates

Qualified candidates should email a cover letter and resume by or before February 1, 2019 to: Director, Innovation Team Office of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti